Hello all! My name is Amber! As an extrovert, laughter and being in the company of others fuels me to the deepest depths of my soul. I have found a great and all-encompassing purpose in being the daughter of our great God! My daily goal is to strive to love others more fervently than I did the day before. Teaching has provided a platform, in which I have the opportunity to learn and interact with many people in their walks of life. Nature is my JAM! I find the deepest satisfaction in the midst of the trees, with sunlight bouncing off of the leaves and branches. The sound of gravel escaping the grind of my tennis shoes, and the blue blanket of a sky above makes my heart sing with immense happiness! Writing ignites a joy inside of me, that I am unable to contain! Intentionality is met on so many levels when it comes to writing. It is as if the world stops for a moment in time, and all that exists are the twenty-six letters I am left to string together, in hopes that they dance off of the page and brighten someone’s day! Nicole and I welcome you, to our little world! That is, the wonderful world of the Real and the Raw!



Hey there! My name is Nicole and I write here with my dear friend Amber! I am a teacher, daughter, sister, home renter, and dreamer. I am also a lover of Jesus, coffee, deep intentional friendships, and beautiful things. I am an admirer of words. So much, in fact, that finger to keyboard interaction and watching words fill a page, speak profoundly to me. But honestly, nothing reaches the deepest parts of my soul like writing by hand. Since that’s not possible here because that would make reading it hard, I will settle for sharing my passion through the interwebs. If you are looking for deep philosophical thoughts or sarcasm at its finest, I can’t promise that. No professionals reside here. We are awesome and regular people just like anyone else. But if you are looking for real, raw, and beauty in the ordinary, we will try our best to deliver.