We welcome any reader who comes across this blog and is just thirsty for genuine heartfelt talk. The kind that you can connect with, weep with and shout for joy with. We welcome anyone who feels the pull of the many directions in life and just needs a breather. It is in this space where we desire to find common ground. 

We are excited to share real-life experiences and talk about what moves us to action. For us it’s Jesus. He is the one who ignited our flame for writing, and He will be the one to light our way. We will speak of Jesus because He rocks. We will relish in his goodness, and divulge how He is working throughout our lives. Then we will write about all the things that make us happy because ultimately those moments are what keep us going and project us forward. We will strive to speak about life and what it throws at all of us on the daily because that is real. Most importantly we promise to do it in a fashion where we’re sincere. 

Because let’s be honest…we can spend our lives pretending we have it all together. Or we can really live.