Here’s to a LONG six month exhale!

My life is currently unrecognizable, in a beautiful what just happened kind of way…and I have God to thank! It is truly amazing and mind-boggling how God can take hold, and completely transform, re-shape, and redirect one’s path. God says that He will not give you more than you can bare, but in the midst of change, those words can seem questionable. The truth is, He delivers in His time, never early, never late, but rather right when our hearts and minds are most receptive to His guidance. It is then, He takes hold of our innermost hidden places and goes to work!

I know people have been saying this forever…I mean that is basically what Ecclesiastics three say’s. But transformation does not take root by hearing words alone. It is not until the hearing is coupled with action, that the “change train” leaves the station, with God as your trusted conductor leading the way.

God is with me today, as He will be with me tomorrow. Remembering this through both the “blinks” and trekking up the “steep oxygenless mountains” as the ONE that knows me completely, guides, shapes, and encourages me to make changes, that I would never be able to accomplish on my own.

Let the changes begin and continue, for He is a good, good Father!



Writing vibes…


Housefires: Good Good Father (feat. Pat Barrett)

Scriptures in mind:

Ecclesiastes 3




One thought on “AND…EXHALE…

  1. Amber,

    If you only knew how much I need to read this right now!!!!! Next, I’m going to grab my Bible and read Ecclesiastes 3 with a cup of hot tea in hand! Thomas miss’s you and so do I. This was the 1st year we weren’t able to deliver a birthday cupcake to you on his birthday in October. I truly hope all is well with you, and I am always here if you need a neutral ear to listen.

    Love you, sweet lady!!

    Thank you,
    DeSha Botkin
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Prime Construction Company, Inc.
    512.244.7799 Office
    512.681.7527 Fax
    512.954.8380 Cell


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