Three Girls & an Adventure!


I am a people person and a seeker of FUN through and through! I love meeting and blossoming new friendships! Crowds energize me, and any length of conversation fuels both my fun and social meters to my ultimate happy place!

The word adventure basically embodies fun for me. So naturally, when I found out I would be traveling internationally for work, my FUN and social meters reached their “let’s do this!” capacity when thinking of all the different possibilities in extending my trip.

I planted the seed of wanting to have an international adventure and before I knew it, my CRAZY, WONDERFUL, AMAZING sister and mom watered the adventure into fruition. A lifetime experience that will never be forgotten!

Our itinerary was jammed pack in an effort to see as MUCH as we could! Crossing items off of our bucket list along the way!😄

(California to London, London to Siena, Siena to Florence, Florence to Rome, Rome to Bari, Bari to Croatia, Croatia to Ancona, Ancona to Cinque Terre, Cinque Terre to Florence, Florence to Pisa, Florence to London, London back to home sweet home😍)

I have spent the last month immersing myself in so many different cultures; experiencing the joy of meeting a vast amount of new people, and getting a glimpse of what it is like to live in another’s shoes.

Language, customs, traditions, daily routines, preferences…all similar, but the differences are glaringly clear. Especially when compared to the realm of our individual comfort zones.

Right from the start, I was reminded of the beauty that is in Gods diverse family. While at the same time seeing the unity and core similarity between the multitudes of people. All made in the image of Him. All loved and adored by Him.

Leaving my little world for an extended time, was a much-needed wake-up call. There is more than myself, my ways, and my people.

In upcoming post, I will write about the lessons I learned at each stop along my journey.



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