What’s the PURPOSE?


It is hard trying to maintain the awesome big sister title (yes this is a shameless plug!) So naturally when my sister asked me to write about purpose, I played it cool and was like “yeah, I can write about that… no big deal!” While internally I was like, “WHY!?! This topic is a mountain I am not prepared to climb…” She challenged me to dig deep and venture into an area I had not truly meditated on, in its fullness. So here it is (again, revised for those of you who read it when it was published through my churches blog) and a fresh for those of you who are reading it for the first time! Happy reading friends!

PURPOSE. How is it that this seven-letter word is one of the most sought after for understanding, discovery, and attainment? What is my purpose?  How do I find my purpose? How do I know if I am fulfilling my purpose? These questions mull around most, if not all, minds at one point or another. Whether one actively seeks it out or deems it as a passing thought, the questions are there.

At some point, everyone has to come to the decision as to what they want to contribute to society and the world around them. For example, I am an educator; I could say that my purpose is to infuse as much knowledge into my students as possible. I am to prepare them for their future.

If you are a firefighter, perhaps you would say your purpose is to keep people out of harm’s way, to demonstrate courage as you selflessly rush into buildings to save lives as everyone else runs out.

If you are a farmer, you might say that your purpose is to provide mankind with one of their core necessities: food. We cannot live without it. Nor would I want to live without it. 🙂

If you are a web developer your goal may be to create pathways for more effective communication, potentially connecting many people around the world who would have never met otherwise!

I could continue to rattle off various careers along with their potential purpose. However, I am reaching for a deeper meaning of the word; a meaning that encompasses all careers, and humanity as a whole.

Today, a common conception is that a primary purpose in one’s life on earth is to attain “success” which translates into gaining status, wealth and recognition. Once these goals are accomplished somehow, we have fulfilled our purpose, and have succeeded in our pursuits.

While these are undoubtedly ways that individuals have found a certain sense of meaning and significance in their lives, they are not the kind of aspirations for which I am searching. I desire a deeper and more profound definition of “purpose”.

I have come to realize that no matter how many achievements, milestones or goals I accomplish as I strive to fulfill and attain my physical pursuits and purpose, I am still left with an emptiness.

I am guilty of attempting to find my sense of self-worth and value has been dependent on how successful I believe I am or on how important the world perceives me to be? Something is always lacking. Though I find purpose in being a teacher, it is insignificant to the price that was paid for me.

It is a spiritual purpose that my heart yearns for.

As I continue to prayerfully search, I have come into the realization that our spiritual purpose is to awaken each morning with the goal of seeing more of God and less of “self” in our speech, actions, and thoughts.

Our ultimate purpose should be to exalt and glorify Him in all we set our hand to do or accomplish while acknowledging His greatness in every part of our day in both the biggest and smallest of ways.

Rather than allowing the focus of our lives to revolve around career success or the acclaim of others.

As we are all “works in progress” having W.I.P folders as Nicole pointed out in her latest must read post 🙂 we have an awesome and incredibly patient father that has equipped us all, with some pretty stellar talents!

We should continually ask God to consume our minds, hearts, and actions. Continuing to be ever mindful that our talents were granted to us so that we might glorify God. In so doing we have the opportunity to stand out as lights in the world (totally singing this little light of mine right now).  🙂

The next time you find yourself at our Fathers feet, place all that you have, your habits, lifestyle, viewpoints, understandings, intellect, work, hobbies, pastimes, and relationships in His hands.

Carve out time to sit and listen to our Father as He teaches you. Don’t keep waiting for tomorrow. God in His magnificence perfection should be put first in every aspect of our lives!

Now, my friends, that is a purpose!

Writing vibes…


Hillsong: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

Scriptures in mind:

John 17:1-11

Romans 8:28

John 17:20-26




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