Treat Yo’self

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Where are my Parks and Rec fans at? If you haven’t watched the episode where these two awesome people have a day of pampering, then you must go watch it, like right now. As humorous and trivial as it might seem, the day that these two characters take treating themselves to their favorite things, is sometimes so needed in our everyday real lives.  

Life is crazy. Am I right, or am I right? Although it is wonderful in so many ways, sometimes it can get the best of us and can kick you when your down (so to speak). In addition to the thing in your life that grounds you, (shameless plug for Amber’s article on being Anchored because it’s a MUST READ), I think that sometimes small joys and tiny victories can give the extra umph that we need to make it through our day to day lives. Every once and a while, it is really good to do a check in and see what is making you happy in the moment and treat yourself to those things. Holding onto those happy places can be the things that help you get through the in’s and outs of each day while you anchor yourself to what your true hope is in.  I have been thinking about these a lot recently as stress seems to be my constant right now (hello STAAR testing mode, and adulting.) So I encourage you to make some notes of the things that are bringing you joy in the mundane. Here are a few of mine in no particular order!

  1. Coffee. Like all the time. One that I particularly love right now is the Texas Pecan Roast from Cafe ‘Ole. It is da bomb. Starbucks is also my number 1, and every Friday we have a drive-thru date. 🙂 They know me so well.
  2. Notes from my students. There is seriously nothing like it. Getting notes from them that say they like having me as their teacher, or I am the best; those just make my heart melt in an instant.
  3. Avocados, because I could LITERALLY eat them with every single meal for the rest of eternity. I thank the Lord for avocados. Daily. Also, if you haven’t seen the Its an Avocado vine, you have to stop everything right this instant and watch it. It is seriously THE CUTEST! Here is the link. You won’t regret it. 
  4. My backpack: If you read my Goals blog post, you will know that getting a backpack to carry all of my school stuff in was a big goal for me! Not only is it stylish, but it helps me to lessen the number of papers and things that I take home on the regular. Teachers are hoarders and when given big bags we have issues. #downsizing.
  5. Books: Here is the book update for my goals list! I have so many things that I am reading right now. I am a serial reader. I read 5-6 different books at one time, and never consistently. But this does not make me love them any less! I just finished Mindy Kaling’s book Why is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? and it was hilarious. I just adore her and want to be her friend! I will be ordering and reading her second book as soon as I finish all of the other books that are on deck. I also read The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer, because mystery and CIA stuff is right up my alley, and then finished Jennie Allen’s, Nothing to Prove, which spoke directly into my soul! Some other books that I am loving include Jamie Ivey’s If You Only Knew, The Keto Zone Diet book which is crazy awesome and crazy hard, and The Ragamuffin Gospel; because the Lord knows that I desperately need Jesus in a real way for my ragamuffin self. For those who are counting that is almost all 5 of my personal books for my goal! Yay me! Now onward with all the other small joys!
  6. Other people’s puppies: Yall. I currently cannot have a dog and it breaks my heart. I literally count down the days until I can have one of my own! But I have some super awesome friends who let me play with their dogs and it brings my heart immediate joy! So I frequently treat myself to fun interactions with their amazing animals….And stranger’s dogs as well. I have no shame in my game. #Treatyoself
  7. Netflix: We have already discussed my love for this contraption. I am working on my binge-watching, but I plan to soon do some Gilmore Girls Trivia and need to be on my A game, and I feel like binge-watching is acceptable here?
  8. The Psalms: Yall. I love my bible. And recently this has been a very real and practical thing that is bringing me peace and joy. Reading through the Psalms is like reading every prayer that I have ever felt, but written by someone else WAY before me. It speaks so much truth into my heart knowing that I am not alone in my prayers.
  9. Pedicures: There is something so relaxing about warm towels on your legs, and an intense foot massage. Not to mention pretty toes afterward to fix these troll feet. #treatyoself
  10. Time with Friends: There is really nothing better than time with friends to laugh, have real talk, and encourage one another! Thank you Lord for good friendships.
  11. Pinterest: Because I can look up recipes for the Keto Zone diet and look at all the puppies that I want to someday have, all in one space.
  12. The Song “More Like Jesus” by Passion Live. Just all the heart eyes for this song. Always.
  13. Frixon Pens: Just by some. You will 100% not regret this decision.

Do you have anything that you feel you might need to treat yoself to in the near future? Although overindulging is totally a real thing, I do believe that finding those small joys and relishing in them can bring some much peace and light into our lives. What are your small joys? I would honestly love to hear them!



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