Everybody Be Cool, it’s Just a Normal Sunday


This day was baffling. In a 30-minute time span, I was hit by a styrofoam cooler while driving and locked myself in my own backyard. Let me explain.

A couple Sundays ago I was on my way home from an awesome lunch at Torchy’s with some of my close friends. I had just eaten my fill of breakfast tacos and chips and guac (yes I ate breakfast at noon, don’t judge), and had headed home to try and meal prep for the week as work was quickly approaching. While I was turning onto my street, I had to make a pretty abrupt stop. A child around 10 years old was playing with all of his friends and they were all watching as he was skipping out into the middle of the street right in front of my car to chase a styrofoam cooler! As I was practically parked I started to laugh. I was fully prepared to turn off my car and help direct the child out of the street if need be but saw that no other cars were coming as I was watching intently. So I looked on as he tried to grab it but couldn’t seem to pick it up with the strong winds and the vastness of the object.

While I was waiting for him to lose his determination and give up, I started to notice something. That cooler was headed straight for me! Without any time to think, it started rolling my way and crashed directly into my car, then strolled across the main road and into the pond over yonder. (Enter head slapping here).

Then track with me to scenario number two. A few minutes later I had just pulled into my driveway and realized that because of the wind the trash cans were being blown all over the place. Because of this, I decided to be a responsible adult and take the trash cans to the backyard. Well, we just got a new fence in the backyard with a nifty little string that helps unlatch the gate. Some real MacGyver stuff ya know? While in the backyard putting the second bin away, a gust of wind blew the gate shut. My thoughts were, “no big deal, I’ll just pull the string”, but the reality was quite different. To my demise, as I was tugging on the string and no productivity was made, I realized that it was wrapped around the latch. The reality was that I was stuck. The back door was locked, I had no phone, and I was locked in my own backyard. The funny thing is you don’t actually realize how big of a problem that is until it happens. My first reaction was panic, then followed by the fierce “I am woman hear me roar” mentality, and lastly laughter. I mean really it’s comical. Nevertheless, it all worked out! I racked my brain and finally figured out that if I climb on top of the gate and reach my arm over, I could get myself out. Weird problem solved and I am sure the neighbors got a good laugh as I was trying to climb the fence!

Moral of the story is, sometimes weird random things happen and you just have to laugh. Life is going to throw you into some little interesting situations that could look like abig pain at the beginning. But in the long run, it can turn into a laughable memory.




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