Hello Friday, I (barely) survived!


Have you ever had a week you thought would never come to a close? A week where the floodgates opened, and washed over you, emotionally, physically, and mentally? Friday finally arrives, making it impossible not to collapse into its welcoming embrace. At last, you have reached the conclusion of the “never-ending” week you thought you’d never survive.

This is me…ALL. THE. TIME.

OK, not necessarily all the time (I have a pretty AWESOME life!) 😉 But sometimes I feel like I have perfected the fine line of a beautiful masterpiece, meets generous dashes of crucial disaster kind of a week.

I am beyond blessed! I am immeasurably thankful for the love that is poured on me each second of every day. The reality is that my wonderful and very patient Father above probably spends ALL day redirecting me from all the shiny things that grab my attention and aid in the situation I am speaking of… Falling out of Friday, face first.

A bit over-embellished, possibly, BUT… The Struggle is Real!

It seems like just when the getting gets good, all things seem to be moving into place, you hit your stride, or the sweet spot where everything in your little world is just right, the inevitable happens. You get sucker punched in all of your individualized weak spots, and unfortunately, the downward spiral takes hold and begins.

When you have a week that brings you to your knees, often we become the star of our own reality show (at least I do).  A show I am beyond thankful isn’t on air for all to see.

Here’s the thing friends, if you are like me, more times than not, we forget that we have a viewer that is hooked, consumed, and always dialed in. God is our faithful viewer. He never misses an episode. We can trust that He will always have our channel on. Attentive and intentional in being present from start to finish. Capturing our every move, and thought twenty-four-seven.

Six days. Six days’ friends. All that we see and have yet to unveil, in this awe-inspiring universe, was created in that short amount of time!

BUT, you know what is even better than creation itself? How about the fact that God, the creator of ALL, completely stopped His work on the seventh day, because His sole desire on the Sabbath day, is to wrap us up in His arms, to have intentional quality time with us. A full twenty-four hours with our fathers complete undivided attention. The opportunity to deepen our understanding, love, trust, and foundation that is special and unique to each of us, with the one who knew us even before we were born.

Simply beautiful if you ask me! At the end of a tough week, it is pretty comforting to know that we can fall face first into His embrace!

Monday is around the corner! We (self totally included) need to rest, recharge, rejuvenate, and fill all of our buckets! Overflow them with an abundant amount of quality time in the important areas: God, family, friends, and self…so that we don’t end up completely depleted, falling in and out of Friday, face first into the abyss!



Writing vibes…


Sweet Silence! Well, excluding the ticking clock and buzzing from incoming texts.

Scriptures in mind:

Genesis 2:1-3

Jeremiah 29:11-13


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