27 At 27

Since it is still relatively close to the start that was 2018, I think it’s still relevant to talk about goals. Goals are something that we all have and strive to achieve. Have you ever thought about why though? Like why do we strive to become better at something, or to be better as a person each year? I wrote before about unrealistic expectations, and those I believe are a very real thing that we struggle with. But I also believe that there is something really bright and beautiful about new beginnings, and realistic expectations, or goals, for a fresh start.

A couple years ago one of my very dear friends mentioned to me about this list she was creating. It was close to her birthday and she mentioned that she wanted to set goals for things she will achieve each year as she turned a year older. I immediately fell in love with this idea, and then she dropped the bomb that blew my mind. Each year,  she would try to match the number of goals to the age she just turned. Although this shocked me and I dived down into the realm of unrealistic, I listened to her explain it. She mentioned that some goals were big, and the others small. Most were realistic, and a few others were a further stretch. But nothing was too unrealistic that it could never be reached. I was hooked and decided from that moment on, it would be a bandwagon I would forever be on. So I started setting goals.

It just so happens that my birthday falls toward the end of each calendar year, so as most people are making New Year’s resolutions, I am making my goals list. And this seems like as good of a place as any to blast out my age (although weirdly self-conscious about it), and share my journey with you as I strive to achieve my goals! My thought process is, I will post on here my list of goals, and then as I accomplish them I will share the experience with you all.  So without further or due, my 27 at 27 Goals! Disclaimer: Some of these goals are repetitive. They are ones that I put on my list every year because I love them so much. 🙂

  1. Travel to a new state
  2. See a sunrise from a beautiful view
  3. Save more money than the year previous
  4. Practice taking “Me Time” (Something that I believe I wrote about already because I am so bad at it.)
  5. Refinish my dresser
  6. Keep my car clean (Harder than one might think)
  7. Spend more intentional time with Jesus
  8. Write more
  9. Buy a headboard
  10. Get a chair for my bedroom (you have to have a couple “gimmes” on this thing)
  11. Have a certain minimum amount left over in my bank account each month
  12. Take a class at my church (I am doing this now and can’t wait to write about it!)
  13. Create a recipe booklet of all of my favorite recipes that I have learned and tried out
  14. Leave work by 5:00 at least 4x a week. Work friends, hold me accountable. Lol
  15. Make one new recipe each month
  16. Visit the Tulip Farm
  17. Visit a new beach
  18. Work out 3x a week. (unrealistic me said 6x a week. Insert wide-eyed emoji here.)
  19. Read 5 personal books. (only 3 left to go!I’ll post about that soon!)
  20. Read one or more professional development books.
  21. Host one get together a month
  22. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  23. Write one blog post a week. (this one ties in with number 8, but specifically for the blog. I like to write in other avenues as well.)
  24. Do one no media day a week.
  25. Visit Austin New Life Church 
  26. Get a Vera Bradley Backpack. (Yall, I did this already and it changed my teaching life. I’ll write about it soon)
  27. Take home less grading. Hence the backpack.
  28. Take chances

These are all pretty realistic goals that I am setting for myself and I am excited to see how many of these I can cross off this year! I also always like to add one extra goal or two just to see if I can achieve it also! You know, one to grow on! 😉 Who wants to join me and jump on this bandwagon? Amber?



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