Beautifully Broken


Baggage… Sweet, heavy, burdensome baggage. We all have extra emotional weight we lug around. We attempt to tuck it away, disguise it, and push it to the deepest depths of our minds, in hopes that it never sees the light of day. Because after all who wants to trek through the muck, or willingly leap into quicksand with all that extra weight?

The idea of actually admitting to brokenness is somewhat terrifying! It goes against the grain, plowing its way into the “dreaded” land of vulnerability, transparency, and genuine honesty with self.  

The matters of the heart are so intricately woven into the experiences both good and devastating in the course of our lives. Once we make it to the other side, where we have emerged out of the grips of that which shattered yet another piece of our being; the idea of turning back to face it once again seems unfathomable.

So, naturally, we bury the memories as deep as possible, until it is just another “callus”  and the wound becomes locked and sealed.

BUT we must turn back! This is where healing, growth, and closure takes place. When we venture out of the eye of the storm, stepping over and around the emotional rubble, it is here we realize that we are still standing beautifully broken! Our hearts are still beating, we are upright, having cast off the debilitators that were once latched on.

Reflection is strength. When we take the time to search our hearts and slowly soften the calluses we use as armor, wonderful things happen! Forgiveness unfolds, trust is given, and brokenness begins to lose its grasp.  

Don’t just be broken, lean into the process of becoming beautifully broken.



Writing vibes…


All Sons & Daughters: Brokenness Aside

Hillsong United: So Will I (100 Billion X)

Scriptures in mind:

Revelation 21:4

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