Hi! My Name is Amber…and I Have a PROBLEM!


I am obsessed, all consumed, controlled, and even enamored with my phone!

I can leave the house on the daily without water, which ummm… breaking news, I CANNOT survive without H2O. No one can. I mean honestly, I could list all of the things that I could leave home without and not even be affected in the slightest by its absence. But then again that would consist of pretty much all tangible things in my home. I won’t put you through that. Instead, I will share an earth-shattering moment in which I flew straight into a full-on Amber panic. The day I realized I really do have a phone problem. And life beyond the screen is beautifully fulfilling!

The weekend had finally arrived in which I was going to glide out of Dallas straight into the landing pad of Kansas. My boyfriend and I were going to spend an intentional weekend with his sister. I was beyond excited!

As we were preparing to head to the airport I had the BRILLIANT idea to charge my phone so that I had a full charge before we ventured out.

Do you see where I am going with this…?

Into the car, we went and off we drove towards the airport. Naturally, I reached into my purse to retrieve my lifeline. My phone was not within reach. So obviously my heart rate elevated, and my breathing became slightly more aggressive, as I did all but take my purse apart stitch by stitch!

“OH! NO! I forgot my phone!” I said in a tone that one would totally use if they forgot their wallet on the couch, or left the iron on while pressed against their favorite blouse; you know, like a serious situation in which all present dramatically GASP and the driver instinctively whips the car around…

Well, that did not happen. The look on his face was one I have seen before. It was a look of are you serious, meets I love you so I will ask you this question for this reason alone. “Do you want me to turn around and go get it?”

EVERY part of my being shouted YES internally. But the words that fell from my lips did not match! Instead, I said, “no, it’s OK I can just use yours if I need to.” Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I saw an opportunity and I took it.

Let me explain,

prior to this travesty, we had many conversations about how when we are in one another’s company we needed to be fully present. In order to meet the true authentic level of intentional quality time with one another, all other things needed to be put on pause (being a long distance relationship makes this even more crucial).

In the midst of the whirlwind that was stirring in my mind, I remember trying  to seem as cool as a cucumber on the outside (failing miserably might I add… I am one that can remain silent but, yet my facial expressions spill ALL of my inward thoughts, yeah… it is an area I am working on…😉) 

I tend to lean towards arriving fashionably late, he, on the other hand, is the punctual type. So I abandoned all hope of retrieving my phone and returning it to the safety of my purse.

At the time I didn’t realize that this was a golden nugget of an opportunity to look real good for my guy! To dim the spotlight on my less than attractive problem of putting my phone and those not present first.

To my surprise, I didn’t even miss my phone. I thought that I would find myself continuously reaching for it, but the opposite happened. I did not seek it out. I realized my phone wasn’t my lifeline. Instead, the two people I was with, reminded me that the real zeal in life is in the company of others in the absence of our little black screens!

In hindsight, my trip to Kansas, in the absence of my cellular device, allowed me to see the people I was with and my surroundings in full. Honestly, if I had it to do over, I wouldn’t change a thing! Well, maybe a little less dramatics on my part…

Moral of the story, there is a time and a place for all things. I let my phone dictate my attention and hinder the real-life interactions right in front of me. Making connections through face to face experiences is like no other. Take advantage of the moments given to deepen the love for those right in front of you; craving your undivided attention!

I still use my phone like CRAZY! I am not going to lie, coming home to all of my notifications sent a surge of happiness through my extroverted heart! I was missed, BUT I didn’t miss an opportunity to build a weekend full of cherished memories in Kansas. I have learned to push pause when in the company of others. Because after all, life is about building memories with those you love!



Writing vibes…


Russell Dickerson: Yours

Banners: Start a Riot

Taylor Swift: End Game (ft.Ed Sheeran & Future)

Coldplay: Magic

Scriptures in mind:

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

2 thoughts on “Hi! My Name is Amber…and I Have a PROBLEM!

  1. I love this because it’s so true. Last week I left my phone at home when I went to school and instead of wishing I had it all day long I actually looked at a real clock and payed more attention to what was around me, it was a nice change. Also I really like Banners:)

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