Like a Leaf in the Wind


Out there in the midst of it all stood thousands of trees, rooted in the ground, but yet missing all the leaves that once clothed them. Some may have drifted by a gust of wind, while others possibly fell due to the will of not being able to hold on, even on possibly the stillest of days. Those leaves that you see blanketing the ground, the same ones we stepped on to get a better view along our adventure; were once green and full of life!

All it takes is a gust of wind to redirect one’s focus. As the daily demands both great and insignificant begin to stack up, we can easily find ourselves drifting through life like a leaf, being carried by the wind, journeying further and further away from our “tree”, the sustainer of life. Without a lifeline, a leaf will soon find itself lying upon an unknown foundation, a stranger in a new land, without nutrition, left to slowly shrivel up and cease to exist.

A little dramatic, maybe, but hopefully I now have you thinking about your “tree”. That is the things that root you and keep you grounded in this ever-changing life. What keeps you zealous about waking up each morning? Or, if you’re like me, some days you are just surviving like leaves clinging to a tree in a storm.

I spoke of a gust of wind at the beginning, because it sounded good, so I went with it… my reality though; wind doesn’t even have to be present to change my direction, switch my focus, and lure my attention from my goals, my sustainer, and all the other things that attempt to keep me grounded.

I LOVE trees! I admire capturing their all-encompassing beauty through a lens! It is one of the little things that creates a mountain of joy within!

I took the picture above while on a trip with my best friend. As we drove through the forest of trees bearing nothing but that of their structure. I voiced over and over (probably to the point of annoyance, because occasionally that is how I roll) they are so beautiful, they are so pretty, their character is on full display, I just love a bare tree!

As I snapped picture after picture attempting to capture the full essence of the moment, a realization invaded my thoughts.

I am going to go out on a limb here (hehehe) but hear me out.

What you don’t see in this picture is the drastic drop on the left side into the valley of the cascading mountains. We were traveling on the intended path and enjoying all that our eyes could imprint into our memory. While also aware of the potential drifters around us. Snow on the road, the drop to the left, and the bone-chilling wind that the car was shielding us from.

My point being, not that we are all leaves. Thankfully our life cycle is longer than that in most cases. But rather, that we all need a deeply rooted tree to attach to.

We all have distractors, earth-shattering happenings that drive us off of the straight and the narrow. We detach from the foundation of our “tree” and attempt to live and thrive on our own.

We all need to be rooted in a sustainer of life. For me, it is God, my family, friends and the hobbies that create a motivation to be more than I was the day before!

The trees in the picture above at first glance look lifeless. As Spring comes around the bare trees will begin to sprout new life and once again become a sustainer fully clothed in vibrant greens.

So, I ask you,

What and who are you rooted in? Are you grounded? Does your “tree” fuel and sustain you? Where does the path you find yourself on lead? Are you a vibrant green?



Writing vibes…


Hillsong: Capitan (Like the whole time, because I am a fan of the repeat button!)

Scriptures in mind:

John 15:4-6

Matthew 10:29-31

Matthew 6:26

Luke 12:24

6 thoughts on “Like a Leaf in the Wind

  1. Loved your post. I’m a Tree fan as well and had to smile at your many analogies. Looking forward to reading more as you and Nicole continue to “branch out and grow”! 😉🌳❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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