So It Begins!



Today we bring our blog to life! A day we have both dreamt of, but never imagined would actually take form! We have had many ideas, as to how our blog would take shape. In the midst of the perfect storm of planning, emerged what you see before you! So here we are to walk you through our site!

Virtual Tour

In the “Authors” section you will find our personal bios for the both of us! This is where we each individually give you, our reader, a deeper insight as to who we are as people!

The “About” page houses our mission. We have a unified goal of what vibe we want this blog to portray, and how we want to reach our readers. As we grow we will create more pages, but small steps for now!

We interrupt you for a brief second and encourage you to take a look at our pages. No really, we worked hard on them. This first blog post isn’t going anywhere!  (disclaimer: sarcasm and sincerity intertwined) 

Article Layout 

Now for the good stuff. The articles! Our hope and intent is to post weekly. Because let’s be real, there is enough that happens in a week’s span, to pour into the endless world of writing. We plan to write in such a way that you can hear our voices both individually and together. This will be done by alternating your weekly dose as either Amber or Nicole; as well as occasionally writing posts together. In addition to the usual blogs that contain all of our awesome thoughts (modesty is obviously our writing strong suit), we will also include some fun things that we have been exploring, life hacks, and the adventures that we embark upon!


We are so excited to welcome you to our site, and therefore into our lives and hearts. We are grateful to even have this opportunity and ability to publicly write what we believe the Lord instilled within. We also hope that what we write here reaches, connects, and resonates with people, even in the slightest of ways; while also keeping us vulnerable and true to our mission. Thanks so much for reading! Welcome to The Real and The Raw!

Amber & Nicole


7 thoughts on “So It Begins!

  1. I’m so excited to read what you two have in store! When my son is napping, I take time to read a good book, magazine, or blog post. I’ll be adding this to my list of daily reads!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Both of your author bio pics are gorgeous!! I’m super excited for both of you and can’t wait to read your blogs each week!! It will be added to my me time!! Hugs and prayers to you both! ✝️❤️


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